At Arena Training Center we provide a learning environment based on the core values of the martial arts that allows aspiring competitors and practitioners the chance to participate in martial arts competitions at the highest levels in their discipline as well provide martial arts and fitness enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the same benefits while not emerging themselves in the competitive aspects of the programs.


The culture established within the facility will allow members to build healthy relationships with themselves as well as others through a communal feeling of acceptance and support that encourages personal growth and well-being through participation in the services provided.


Martial arts are systems and traditions of combat practices, which are practiced for a number of reasons including self-defense, military and law enforcement applications, mental and spiritual development, as well as the preservation of a nations intangible cultural heritage. With the spread of commercialism in the modern martial arts industry as well as the influence of some modern mixed martial arts personalities, the values and traditions of many martial arts are overshadowed and misunderstood. The preservation and expression of the traditional values of the martial arts in these modern times is an important virtue that rests at the core of the establishment and teachings at Arena Training Center.

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At Arena Training Center, framework and moral standards combines the four tactical virtues

with the four cardinal virtues: teaching constant self-improvement to our students.



Courage allowed you to take your first step on your Martial Arts Journey. And will allow you to try new things and tackle adversity.



Strength is important as it can literally save your life. At Arena Training Center, not only do you have access to the best training on the planet, but you also have access to the best equipment on the planet at our training facility too. The combination of martial arts and weight training will give you the results of a true Warrior.



Mastery is the main goal in training martial arts. Every class you improve on your mastery over martial arts and mastery over your body, mind, and spirit.



Honor is the virtue that ties all the Tactical virtues together. You honor your ancestors by your willingness to learn how to defend yourself and your family. You will also honor your instructors and your teammates. We all have the same goal to improve ourselves and the way to improve yourself is by honoring your fellow students by being there for them and being a good training partner.



Prudence is the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. The more you train at Arena Training Center,  you become stronger and more skillful. You also learn to train your brain and make proper decisions based on logic and not emotions, such as anger. 



Temperance is voluntary self restraint. Martial arts will help you avoid the improper things in life. If you are struggling with alcohol, drugs, bad food choices, smoking, or even road rage, martial arts does something for the soul. It can change your life by helping you overcome any and all obstacles.



Justice will be upheld by all members of Arena Training Center through good sportsmanship. This applies within the gym and at all competitions. Arena Training Center promotes a lifestyle of doing the right thing, at all times.



Nothing will humble a person like martial arts. It will teach a person to acknowledge that they are truly vulnerable. And this vulnerability will allow you to learn new things.

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